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4 Winter Essentials From Local Brands

The winter season is upon us and that shouldn’t stop us from looking cozy. I made a brief list of 4 winter essentials we all need from local brands that will keep up warm and fuzzy but also looking fly. I embedded the links to their websites so that shopping these items is easier for you.

  1. Happyville Leather Jackets

Happyville is a streetwear brand that is loved for its leather jackets, they do offer other items such as t-shirts, leather pants and puffer jackets but when one hears their name the leather jackets which are synonymous to the “Happyville” name come to mind. To shop their collections visit happyvillestore.com

2. Wanda Lephoto Coat

These coats are from the Home Affrairs collection which is a continuation of Wanda’s exploration of South Africa’s under-represented and morphing identities, Wanda Lephoto knocks on the door of Home Affairs for SS22. You can get these coats at wandalephoto.com

3. Broke hoodies

Broke is a brand with visions to transcend through the bounds of race, nation, sex, gender, and culture because being BROKE is Being Rebellious Over Konforming to Expectations. They make standout basics which include; t-shirts & shirts, headwear and hoodies. Most of their items are sold out on the website, but you may get them in store if you are in Cape Town.

5. Grade Africa Sweaters

Grade wants to set a new standard for street wear in the international arena… an African standard. Aiming to set trends and curate styles from a local perspective and Afro-centric stand point. They have a number of collaborations and have had pop ups in UK. The sweaters above are from the nine-piece collection was created through the Chivas Venture 2021 global programme, which highlights grassroots community initiatives with the aim to empower and support the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. The collection also supports local employment by sourcing and manufacturing locally in Africa. You can shop at gradeafrica.com

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