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I listen to way too much music to not share with our Daily Capsule family. These are some of my personal favourites right now. They are a mix of songs from different regions around Africa with one common thread bringing them together… they are nothing short of amazing. Here are 5 songs I think you should hear.

Cindii M (Ft. Yolophonik & Elizee) – Submerged

Cindii M is an artist that has recently made their way onto my radar via her single pack Love Fictioned. From the onset, her sultry vocals brought about me a wave of calm whilst still demanding my full attention. Naturally, when she delivered “Submerged” (Ft. Yolophonik & Elizee) I floating as soon as I pressed play. The impressive part of her performance on the song was her ability to offer the same level of melodic prowess despite singing on completely different production to her prior release, hinting that she could deliver a full body of work that won’t sound monotonous. Those are the marks of an artist that has true song-making ability and we have only seen the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to the talent in her locker. Listen to “Submerged” below.

Keeme – Losing My Mind

Easily possessing one of the most powerful vocals I have heard in recent memory, Keeme’s debut single titled “Losing My Mind” is mind-blowing. Personally, I don’t particularly have an affinity for her brand of R&B, however, her execution of “Losing My Mind” is nothing short of iconic. Yes, iconic. “Losing My Mind” feels like it could be the trailer for a high-budget film or the main act at a theatrical performance. Often times vocalists that possess this level of ability, don’t have the songwriting to match… but that isn’t the case with Keeme. It’s a bit unfair if you ask me. Listen to “Losing My Mind” below.

Tay Awar – Bad4U

Tay Iwar’s “Bad4u” has been on repeat on my phone since its release. The song feels familiar but for some odd reason, I can’t quite put my finger on it. The song has the rhythm of a Hip Hop song sprinkled with elements of Latin music with R&B. Tay Iwar’s laid-back approach to the song is perfect as it provided an enjoyable contrast in intensity to the production.

Bono Paige – Should’ve Known

Bono Paige is a rising R&B talent that I have had an eye on for a little while now and I have been keen to see how she develops and progresses in her career following the release of her previous single, “Not That Guy”. Her latest offering, “Should’ve Known”, sees her assert her presence within the bubbling R&B scene. Making any brand in the trap soul spectrum of R&B is no easy feat because there is literally no room for error, and that’s how I felt when listening to this song. At every juncture of the song, I felt as though she had chosen the best melodic direction. Couple that with her knack for distinct storytelling, and you have the makings of a future star in Bono Paige. Listen to “Should’ve Known” below.

Maya Amolo – Foundry (Ft. kalibwani)

Warping sounds and satin covers are all that come to mind when I think of Maya Amolo’s “Foundry” single. I have been obsessed with this single since its release because it is an effortless blend of African soundscapes with rhythms of R&B. I find that some of my favourite Afro R&B artists come out of the East African nation and Maya Amolo’s “Foundry” has skyrocketed her into my personal list of Kenyan Afro R&B artists. Listen to “Foundry” below.

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