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A$AP Rocky Launches His New Home Design With Gufram Cactus

A$AP Rocky and his brand-new design HOMEMADE, have created a new CACTUS edition for the Italian radical design company Gufram. Gufram is renowned for its whimsical innovation without sacrificing its appeal as a luxury brand. A$AP Rocky has always been a design enthusiast who has a special fondness for Gufram items so it was fitting for him to launch his new brand design with them.

Gufram is known to be playfully innovative while not losing their luxury appeal. From mid-century modifications to contemporary collaborations, they have established themselves as a unique brand and therefore a perfect brand collaborator. This is the first collaboration from my HOMMEMADE decor studio and since I’ve always advocated for mushrooms it was only right that we made a cactus with them. 

Asap Rocky

Gufram participates in Design Miami/ (30 November – 4 December 2022) as a Curio/ and will be debuting the Shroom CACTUS®, a new edition by multi-hyphenated artist, entrepreneur, actor, and fashion icon A$AP Rocky and his design company HOMMEMADE.

Working with a multidisciplinary artist like Rocky has been incredibly inspiring for me. He knows the Gufram brand and values very well but, more importantly, is a big collector of our pieces. This made our collaboration genuine and incredibly easy to bring to life. Since my early days at Gufram, I have constantly been looking for cross-contamination opportunities across various disciplines and feel like we reached an important goal in working with a phenomenal music artist like Rocky. I would say that developing this mushroom-based collaboration has been a good trip!

Charley Vezza, Global Creative Orchestrator, Gufram

The Shroom CACTUS® is the star of the show in Gufram’s Curio area at Design Miami, which has a vibrant green and utopian feel to it. Visitors are invited to stroll through a carpet-like surface that resembles grass, where dozens of ceramic flowers are dispersed, against a blue sky with fluffy clouds and enormous mushrooms shown on the walls. To take a closer look at the Shroom CACTUS® scroll below:


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