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Abiola Olusola Mixing Minimalism and Culture

Born and raised in Nigeria, Abiola Olusola is a contemporary womenswear designer. She graduated with a BFA in fashion design from Istituto Marangoni Paris in 2015, and in 2017 she launched her brand. Her collections have a minimalist aesthetic, femininity, functionality, ease and undercurrents of innate sensuality. Her aesthetic is influenced by both her childhood in Nigeria and the minimalist atmosphere she experienced in Europe. Abiola Olusola is inspired by the Yoruba Fabrics, her garments have a modern kind of look incorporated with traditional prints that have a mixture of tie-dye, batik and stamping prints.

 I try to reduce the synthetic materials I use in my work. I try not to use polyester. Instead, I mostly work with cotton and linen, because a majority of my customers are in Nigeria, and it is really important for them to wear breathable fabric.

Abiola Olusola said to vogue

Abiola’s garments are produced locally, each piece of garment that she produces being meticulously made from fabric to final product. She also empowers artisans also keeping in mind manufacturing with sustainability and waste management and advancing the African narrative via fashion. She is set to premiere her Summer/Spring 2023 collection at Lagos Fashion Week which starts on the 26 of October 2022 and ends on the 29 of October 2022.


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