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Adidas To Resell Yeezy And Donate Gains to Charity

Adidas announced Thursday that it will sell the remaining Yeezy items rather than destroy them at the sportswear company’s annual meeting. After Ye, the musician formerly known as Kanye West, made several comments steeped in racial supremacy and antisemitism, Adidas ended its relationship with him. This statement comes close to six months after that. Uncertainty still exists regarding the location and method of sale of unsold goods, with a reported market worth of $1.3 billion.

Burning is not the solution. What we are trying to do over time is to sell parts of these goods and then donate to organizations that help us and that also have been hurt by Kanye’s statements.

Gulden, Adidas CEO

a portion of the proceeds will go to an unnamed charity. Ye will also profit from the sale of the remaining stock because his adidas deal still calls for him to get 15% of all profits.


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