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Adidas Calls On Rick & Morty To Announce New SPEEDPORTAL Football Boots

Adidas has taken a different approach to announcing their latest football boot, SPEEDPORTAL. They enlisted the help of beloved characters from the Adult Swim owned adult animation, Rick and Morty. The ad sees Rick and Morty take one of their adventures through a portal that brings them to a lab with what seems to be clones of Mohammed Salah and Vivianne Miedema in specimen tanks wearing the new SPEEDPORTAL boots, of course.

The ad does a wonderful job of playing on the tagline #FasterInAllDimensions because of Rick and Morty’s various multi-dimensional adventures through space. The SPEEDPORTAL boot is released ahead of the upcoming 2022 world cup which will be held in Qatar. The boot will be one of the premier lines that Adidas athletes will be wearing throughout the competition.

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