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Adidas Dubai Collaborates with Ravi Restaurant – How Adilicious?

photography source: instagram(@adidasdxb)

Adidas Dubai just recently released quite a nostalgic collaborative shoe and apparel, no, the collaboration is not with a famous musical artist, football player or athlete, but it is with Ravi restaurant. For those who may not know Ravi is a famous family-owned restaurant located in UAE (United Arab Emirates) that serves a selection of Pakistani Curry and Biryani that gets delivered across Al Nahda 1. They have been reviewed 717 times by Talabat users, with a rating of 4. Their restaurant is not hard to spot as it is White with distinctive green detailing.

It’s humbling to see so many cultures and communities coming together to celebrate our traditions and roots through food. We’ve been feeding the people of Dubai for over 40 years, across different generations, and now bringing our story to the table in a different way is a moment for our family to be proud of.

Chaudary Abdul Hameed, RAVI founder​
photography source: instagram(@adidasdxb)

The collaboration brought together a new rendition of the Adidas Superstar. The Ravi Superstar is presented in the colours of the restaurant which are also drawn from their Pakistan flag, white and green. The Shell toe (toe box) and the sole are off-white whereas the heel, the shoelaces, the infamous Adidas stripes and inside the tongue are green, lastly, the bulk of the sneaker’s base layer is white. The coolest feature of this shoe is that inside the shoe tongue, they embedded six of the most popular dishes including the prices. On the heels, they embedded “Ravi Restaurant & 1978” underneath, on the left heel it’s written in English and on the right it’s written in Urdu.

Chaudary Abdul Hameed, founder of Ravi Restaurant back in 1978, puts it simply: Collaborating with adidas on the RAVI SUPERSTAR may be the proudest moment of his life.

The Ravi Superstar has been retailing from the 23rd of June 2022 on adidas.com and you can also get it at selected stores across Dubai.

photography source: instagram(@adidasdxb)
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