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adidas Originals x Bad Bunny Release Response CL

Bad Bunny x adidas put an exciting twist on an iconic silhouette with the launch of the Response CL. This design, full of surprises, is a reflection of the talented artist’s vision and passion. 

Benito always seeks a different angle and way to tell a story. When he feels comfortable in a space, he moves with The Paso Fino, that unique, elegant, and confident walk, towards the unknown because that’s where he can discover something new, and in that revelation, surprise us all.

This drop, inspired by a Western universe, is a reinterpretation through Benito’s style, using the desert as a territory that offers infinite possibilities. It is a seemingly distant place, but one that transforms and takes on new meaning for those who can perceive its full potential.

The Response CL colorway evokes the arid tones of the land, with a palette of browns in various shades and touches of deep purple. The textures and lines characteristic of the mountains are masterfully intertwined while maintaining maximum comfort and support, including the classic Response CL rubber outsole, three stripes and characteristic Benito’s eye.

The latest iteration of adidas Originals x Bad Bunny brings us one step closer to an artist who, in pursuit of telling a story, is not afraid of the uncertain. Benito invites you to embrace The Paso Fino with him – that unique, elegant, confident walk – and move towards the unknown with him, because it is there that you can discover something new. 

In this main campaign film, featuring Bernie as our main character representing the vaquero, we see the kid from the trailer now turned into a real cowboy, and through the voice of his brother, Benito, we understand how he became this man who walked his own path to become who he is today, inviting us to explore the unexplored to see the unseen and create the new.

The new Response CL will take center stage in this story, replacing the boots from the trailer.

This latest adidas Originals x Bad Bunny collab brings us one step closer to an artist who, in his interest to tell a unique story, is not afraid of the uncertain. Benito invites you to feel comfortable in any environment, to embrace and move into the unknown with him, because that’s where you can discover something new.

The new Response CL will be available online, in selected flagship stores including V&A, Mall of Africa, Sandton from today and will retail for R3299

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