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adidas & parley taking sustainability to great heights

In celebration & recognition of Earth Day which was almost two months ago, adidas reaffirmed its commitment to ending plastic waste. Commenting on the significance of Earth Day, Senior Brand Director at adidas SA, Kate Woods said, “Earth Day is about celebrating our planet and raising awareness for environmental issues. At a global level, adidas is committed to ending plastic waste, and this is something we actively drive in South Africa across our consumer activations, partner agreements, store environment, and at our head office. If we take action individually, together, we will make an impact.”

True to the brand’s Impossible is Nothing mindset, adidas has set challenging sustainability targets. Currently, more than 90% of the polyester used is recycled polyester, and by 2024, adidas will only use recycled polyester where possible. By 2025, adidas aims to have 90% of its product be sustainable, and to achieve climate neutrality across its entire value chain by 2050. It’s also the year when it’s expected that our oceans will contain more plastic than fish if we don’t act now to end plastic waste.

The adidas solution is through sustainable innovation. Innovation is deeply rooted in the company culture. Its founder, Adi Dassler, was the first inventor in the sporting goods industry and has filed over 700 patents in his lifetime.

The company’s sustainable innovations revolve around three loops:

·        Recycled Loop – products made in part with recycled materials such as Parley Ocean Plastic.

·        Circular Loop – products made to be worn, returned, ground up, and remade into new products.

·        Regenerative Loop – products made in part with natural and renewable materials.

In 2015, adidas presented the first adidas x Parley running shoe at the United Nations headquarters in New York, made with recycled plastic waste intercepted from beaches and coastal communities. By the end of 2021, adidas had produced close to 50 million pairs of shoes containing Parley Ocean Plastic.

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