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African Brands Making Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry accounts for 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution and many people are shocked to learn that the majority of clothing is really composed of plastic, resulting in an impending microplastic catastrophe. We can’t deny the harmful impact fashion has had on our environment we have identified three African brands that make sustainable fashion that is eco-friendly.

Ketekani Moreku

Ketakani Moreku is a sustainable fashion brand that pushes limits in order to be unorthodox and disobey actions of conformity. Katekani emphasises unconventional thought, the embrace of unmistakable personality, and the creation of wearable art. Bright colours are combined with complementary textures and textiles in Katekani’s work to create a signature look that is uniquely his own, all the while being environmentally friendly. By discovering discarded materials or apparel, Katekani is able to transform products like maize meal sacks into trendy ones, or, as he prefers to say, “turn the old into the new.”

Pepper Row

Pepper row is not just a luxury fashion brand it is a brand that embodies and merges Africa’s rich heritage, arts and craftsmanship with modern influences for a global clientele. Omafume Niemogha founded Pepper Row in 2018, it currently has a studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Pepper Row is all about fashion, which is a positive tool for social change and environmental change. It is passionate about exploring, promoting and preserving the culture and old-age traditional craftsmanship of hand weaving and dying textile, wood carving and hand painting.


The design studio IAMISIGO, founded by Bubu Ogisi in 2009 is also one of the brands that practice sustainable fashion. The brand combines the worlds of synthetic and natural by employing hemp and Cannabis sativa, a plant that grows quickly and was among the first to be spun into useful fibre some 50,000 years ago. IAMISIGO is one of the brands where you can find fashion, permanency, fluidity and displacement.


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