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photography credit: Phillip Raheem

Multi-award winning label, Ahluwalia, was launched four years ago by designer Priya Ahluwalia, with Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots. This label represents the intersection between near and far, past and present. Ahluwalia has now collaborated for a second collection with Ganni, a Danish contemporary ready-to-wear fashion brand. Founded in 2000 by gallerist Frans Truelsen, it started gaining craze popularity as a designer label in the late 2010s under the tutelage of husband-and-wife duo Nicolaj Reffstrup and Ditte Reffstrup. 

The second GANNI x Ahluwalia collaboration continues to explore the potential of leftover materials and how they can be totally transformed via expert craftsmanship and a dedication to design innovation. Standing by both GANNI and Ahluwalia’s view on designing responsibly, the collection breathes new life into deadstock denim by reimagining the leftover fabric into signature GANNI silhouettes through Ahluwalia’s unique lens.

photography credit: Phillip Raheem

Working with the GANNI archive has been really interesting, delving into it and reimagining it through an Ahluwalia lens. All pieces are made from pre-existing garments and deadstock materials, making each item unique, a collectable made to be worn and lived in. Working with an all-denim collection has also been a great challenge, really amplifying the power of using one universal material – which was also a first for me. Denim is so interesting, as people from all walks of life wear it. We wanted to underline that versatility throughout the campaign and collection.”

Priya Ahluwalia
photography credit: Phillip Raheem

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