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Ailuro Displays Dominance On New Song, “PLAYBOY” Feat. The Protocol SA

Young talent Ailuro is fairly new on the block and is a singer-songwriter in the South African R&B community, mostly alternative. Ailuro released her third single, PLAYBOY on the 26th August 2022 and it is a must listen!

Displaying dominance and a bit of toxicity on the single, Ailuro collaborates with her friend, The Protocol SA on this sweet alternative R&B/soul ballad. Ailuro also showcases that she can play both sides – be sweet and also dominant.

The word Ailuro is an etymology originated fromĀ Ancient Greek, so it’s pretty interesting as to why this young talented singer chose that name as her stage name. Without any other personal information on the internet, one can only stick to wondering.

“A guy like definitely needs a girl like me. The girl who’s gangster but can switch up and be sweet.”

Ailuro – PLAYBOY lyrics.

“PLAYBOY” is an instant vibe and can cater for any of your R&B/Soul playlists, so check it out below and add it your playlist!

Theo Manjo
culture specialist. @itsmanjobruh across all platforms.

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