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Ajebo Hustlers Drop Their “Bad Boy Etiquette 101” EP

It is New Music Friday and we’re here to deliver the freshest tunes from across the continent. First up on our recommended tunes comes via Ajebo Hustlers latest EP titled, Bad Boy Etiquette 101. The Nigerian duo have been steadily on the rise in the uber-competitive Nigerian music industry.

The first single from the EP came via a single titled “In Love” featuring Afrobeat songstress, Fave. The song poses as the highlight on the vibrant multi-genre offering, particularly for those who have a taste for more melodic music. With a surge in both Afrobeat and Amapiano, there has been a visible exploration into a sound that brings together the two genres. Ajebo Hustlers have tried their hand at exactly that with songs like ‘No Love (Violence)’ and ‘No Love(18 Plus)’, which both carry clear influences of Amapiano. Admittedly, I don’t feel they have quite cracked the code however they have come closer to how the sounds may fuse in future. The EP closes off with the song “Burn My Cable”, which is a seamless blend of Western influences with sounds you’d expect from the West African giant of Nigeria. Overall, the EP delivers a diverse range of different pockets of sounds for the listener to sample. Listen to Bad Boy Etiquette 101 below;

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