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AKA & Cruz Part Ways

Yesterday Cruz and AKA officially announced the end of their lucrative partnership via a statement that was shared on social media… In the declaration, it’s expressed how after lengthy discussions AKA expressed his ambition to create his own spirit brand with the Cruz management team which involved a change in his business model from AKA partner to AKA owned brands.

“We appreciate his vision and agree that it’s the logical next step for him” Cruz statement mentions in the release. The parting of ways is a welcomed one from both parties though and in the future Cruz will be phasing his name off the successful Cruz Watermelon bottle and will phase Cruz Banana out of the market this summer.

Ph by @welcometoromesa

AKA will also be launching his own spirit brand in the near future meaning the AKA brand name will be reserved for AKA owned products but you can read the full release below:

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