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AKA Drops “Prada” Single With Khuli Chana Ahead Of Album

After a five-year hiatus since AKA released a solo project the rapper today launches the pre-order to his Mass country album with the release of PRADA featuring Khuli Chana. The track is the third single setting the tone to his highly anticipated album due to drop in February.

Super Mega’s release was no subtle event, the rapper kept the Megacy and the streets guessing at every turn. His first drop saw him build up suspense and anticipation by changing his avatar green teasing a possible upcoming single ,the Megacy lapped it up and followed suit by switching on their green avatars with excitement of a new single.

The September 16th drops of ‘Lemons (Lemonade)’ featuring remarkable rapper Nasty C accompanied by a Jika Ma Jika (SA Dance TV show) inspired music video directed by Nate Thomas proved why AKA is thee Super Mega, king of samples and hit maker. After its release the track fast became a chart topper and classic summer soundtrack that made waves across South Africa and beyond.

‘Lemons (Lemonade)’ made its presence felt on the charts, airwaves, and the streets throughout 2022 with over 6 million streams worldwide and over 4.5 million in South Africa with a daily average of more than 19 000 daily streams since its release. SA radio also wanted a piece of Lemons (Lemonade) with over 400 million impressions across 76 radio stations.

The rapper had fans and the streets guessing yet again about another surprise drop  when he switched things up with a sticking bright red avatar change on all his social media platforms. Living up to the hype AKA enlisted the trailblazer Musa Keyes and Ghanaian songbird Gyakie to close of the year with an afro-beat inspired love song and music video titled ‘Paradise’.

The track was inspired by a Valentine’s Day fight with his rapper girlfriend Nadia Nakai.

Speaking about the inspiration for Paradise’ AKA shared;

“The fight is the genesis of where the track came from. It’s about pressing the reset button with your partner when you argue, just saying you’ve held me down, let’s wipe the slate clean and make things right.”


Today the journey to his album continues with the release of ‘Prada’ featuring Khuli Chana, which launches the pre-order to “Mass country”. This comes after Aka unveiled  his album artwork created by Karabo Poppy on social media.

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