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AKA’s “Mass Country” Album Drops 24th Of February

AKA “Mass Country” album artwork by Karabo Poppy

While enjoying his retreat, the Supa Mega, AKA excited fans with the release reveal of his most anticipated album, Mass Country. This album was teased since the beginning of 2021 and was scheduled to be released in October of that year.

With AKA being a perfectionist, the album release date was pushed further and it was speculated to land in November, in which, never happened once again, excusing it by saying he needs to make sure it’s perfect.

Recently responding to a fan on Twitter about a feature with A-Reece, AKA let the cat out the bag about A-Reece supposedly being on the album, as they were working on something before he left for his holiday and had planned to complete it when he returns from Sun City.

Last night, AKA shared the official album artwork and release date for Mass Country. It is now known that digital illustrator Karabo Poppy is the genius behind the album artwork and the official release date is set for the 24th of February.

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