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All 30 Ahluwalia Spring/Summer 2023 Looks

Ahluwalia has delivered its 2023 Spring/Summer looks at London Fashion Week. The collection is called Africa Is Limitless and shines a light on African culture through vibrantly coloured garments. The collection aims to highlight the rich diversity of the African cultures that are often times viewed through a narrow western lens.

In pop culture, people reference culture as one homogenous place, [and] don’t think about the different countries that make it up and how it’s so different. The research I’ve done for this collection could probably inform about 10 collections.

– Priya Ahluwalia

Ahluwalia ensured that each region of the continent is represented. From the Nigerian Adire indigo fabric and Ugandan barkcloth to woven patterns of Ewe and Kente cloth from Ghana. See the entire Ahluwalia collection below.

photography credits: @jasonlloydevans

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