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AMBUSH® Collaborates With Cereal Brand REESE’S PUFFS

This collab might be one of my favourite things at the moment, I like fitting aesthetics into my everyday life and this collab showcases exactly that. REESE’S PUFF’S has been known to have innovative partnerships from any catalogue like music and art now they have tapped into fashion with the help of AMBUSH®. If you had no idea what Reese’s Puffs are they are cereal consisting of corn puffs flavoured with chocolate and peanut butter. Yoon gives us an experience in this collaboration where we get to reimagine the future of breakfast.

I’ve always been a huge Reese’s Puffs fan so getting the chance to think about what the future of breakfast could look like alongside an iconic brand was a dream come true. The Chrome Puff is our take on breakfast on the go in the most fashionable way. The metaverse called ‘Breakfastverse’ we built together is playtime for the inner children in all of us. You can enjoy it by yourself as well as with family and friends. It’s going to be a surreal experience that I think everyone will love.


People can dive in and explore the breakfast of the future and stand the chance to win incredibly unique, futuristic, limited-edition breakfast necessities. People who would like to enter are asked to make their way to the ‘Chrome Throne’ to have the chance to win the ‘Chrome Puff’ a collectable of the REESE’S PUFF X AMBUSH® which features AMBUSH x Reese’s Puffs cereal box, cereal bowl turned fashion item that is highly inspired by AMBUSH®’s aesthetic, a bowl and a bag that comes with a foldable chrome spoon.

For more information about the REESE’S PUFFS x AMBUSH® collaboration, visit www.reesespuffs.world. Scroll down to explore more of the REESE’S PUFFS x AMBUSH® collection.


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