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AMBUSH® Rave Inspired SS23 Collection

Yoon Ahn’s latest collection is inspired by her love for club culture and the diversity of the rave fashion scene. Ambush takes on a futuristic theme for its latest collection and introduces a line that fuses the brand’s signature oversize unisex style. The collection resembles styles from the early 2000 styles in a modern way, Yoon blends modern cutaway and micro-sized clothing with stretched, broad outerwear. The collection features numerous large unisex shapes in signature AMBUSH® style, including metallic suiting, floor-hugging pants in highlighter hues, and bomber jackets. Outerwear items like feathery coats in sea foam green and black stand out in terms of fashion from these enormous proportions.

It’s like the bass in your stomach when the music’s ear-splitting, Hopefully, it gives people energy and lets them indulge in the moment.

Yoon Ahn

The collection has moto-inspired jackets, varsity jackets with a modern twist, tank tops with smaller busts, miniskirts, leather bottoms, silver chaps, cutaway tops, and futuristic dresses. Platform mules and multi-variation rave boots, as well as jewellery and rabbit balaclavas, complete the outfits. It also features a contrast of small heart-shaped bags which are my favourite thing from the whole collection. A variety of rave-inspired images in psychedelic colours are spread across these pieces. Take a closer look at the smaller picture of the collection below:


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