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Anatii Returns With “Amadlozi” & Tags Along Lookatups

2022 is filled with surprises. Perhaps we can call this year “things we never thought would happen”. While the South African hip-hop community has been greatly fed with the quantity of the music, the stigma of “hip-hop is dead” has evaporated.

With the countless amount of musical drops, we have had massive hits such as “Sete” by K.O, “Lemons (Lemonade)” by AKA in the same month (September), and within the same breath, we have witnessed the return of the powerhouse producer and musical artist, Anatii.

His initial return was made earlier this year with the release of his NFT exclusive single, “Punisher” which unfortunately was not released on any streaming platform. Removing his “Iyeza” album on all digital streaming platforms, ANATII’s plan was to disrupt the norm, to show creatives they have control and power over their art.

Escaping the metaverse and coming back down to earth, ANATII celebrates his return to music after 4 years, with a ‘spiritual’ anthem titled Amadlozi (translated as Ancestors) – A continuation of the spiritual awakening that he emphasised on his hit-single “THIXO ONOFEFE”, ANATII pulls apart language and harmonies to affirm, navigate that through space and time we are now our ancestor’s living legacy.

Answering fan prayers, ANATII gets spiritual on his return to music with this new song. Sharing his thoughts, ANATII had this to say about the new release,

“I’m nervous and excited at the same time to release AMADLOZI. Since my last music release, I’ve spent time living life, learning more, exploring new ways to disrupt the internet, creating new art and new music; with right now feeling like the best time to drop it.”

ANATII stated.

ANATII enlists a feature from upcoming Cape Town born, Xhosa-bred rapper, LOOKATUPS and Lordnelle on production.

Theo Manjo
culture specialist. @itsmanjobruh across all platforms.

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