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Anything WIth Yusef Releases New Single Titled “BABYGONE”

Malawian born, Botswana raise artists Anything With Yusef recently released a sultry Afrobeat inspired single titled “BABYGONE”. Anything WIth Yusef is an artist that is known for versatility and willingness to push the boundaries of his creative expressions and he does just that on this single.

I could describe Anything WIth Yused as somewhat of a chameleon, being able to morph and blend into almost any genre without sounding out of place. “BABYGONE” genuinely feels and sounds like something that could have seamlessly fitted into Rema’s “Rave & Roses” album, from his cadence to the harmonising of his vocals.

In its construction, the song feels as though it is one fluid but solid thought. What I mean by that is, I cannot differentiate between the verse and the chorus because they are equally enchanting. This single is easily one of the best songs to close off the summer. Listen to “BABYGONE” below;

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