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Ari Lennox Released a Surprise EP Titled “Away Message”

Ari Lennox turns to social media to reveal a surprise 5-song EP “Away Message” to hold off her starving fans ahead of her scheduled album “age/sex/location,” which drops Sep. 9.

The five-song 14 minutes long EP has tracks named “Tatted”, “Gummy”, “No settling”, and “Bitter” and features the well-known R&B singer Summer Walker on the song Queen Space.

Ari Lennox’s concept for the surprise EP is that she is going off social media until the album comes out so this serves as her Away Message to keep her fans occupied before her LP.

Off the internet until September 9 so here’s my away message to you all. New EP to hold you over until the album, love ya.

Ari Lennox tweeted.

You can listen “Away Message” below:


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