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Asake Delivers An African Blend On “Peace Be Unto You” Single

Last week Friday, Nigerian-based artist Asake released a single titled “Peace Be Unto You(PBUY)”. The song is a mix of Afro Beat along with the ever-rising African genre, Amapiano. The mix of genres is an effortless feat for the veteran artist with him bringing an infectious energy to the song. Mixing his native language and English gives the song an easy international appeal and blurs the lines of what an ‘Afro-Piano’ blend would look like. The song has a runtime of just over 2 and a half minutes and its construction basically calls out for you to hit the repeat button because of Asake’s anthem quality delivery and execution. The song brings in various elements like whistles, bells and chords towards the tail end to close off “Peace Be Unto You(PBUY)” with a bang. Listen to the single below.

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