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Ascend Brings High Fashion & Athleisure Together

Casual wear has seen somewhat of a renaissance in recent years and is fast becoming an integral part of casual wear. The term athleisure was born from the growing demand for casual athletic wear. Ascend Label is one such athleisure brand that has taken a foothold in the new emerging market, but with a twist.

source: ascend.com

The main aim is to bring something different to the street wear culture. I also really wanted to include the LGBTQIA+ community and women empowerment as these are issues that are not heavily addressed in Africa 

Nicole Ncube for GQ

Ascend Label was founded by Nicole Ncube. The 23-year-old Sowetan native started the brand because of her passion for streetwear and modelling. The young entrepreneur couldn’t quite make the cut in the modelling world but she didn’t let that deter her from repackaging her passion.

The item in particular that caught my eye was the black two-piece garment. It brings a streetwear element to active wear. The base material is black and features the Ascend logo wrapped around the two-piece garment.

Their brown two-piece set adds a different offering to their collection for those that want a bolder look. The brown two piece set features the Ascend logo across the top of their bottoms. The logo placement isn’t one that we see too often and gives the set a unique look. The tan coloured hat with luminous orange strings completes the look.

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