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Astro Boy’s Big Red Boots Brought To Life By MSCHF 

MSCHF is back with another bizarre shoe and this time it is the ‘Big Red Boots. The shoe sees the American art collective fusion cartoon characters and fashion drawing inspiration from the legendary kid’s film Astroboy. The boots have an EVA sole with the MSCHF emblem subtly embossed on it and a rubber TPU casing, which makes them comfortable to wear despite their humorously exaggerated size. The design team goes out on the streets of New York to celebrate the launch and shoot pictures of the outlandish shoes in use. Personally I do not know how to feel about the shoes, especially look at its aesthetic.

The Big Red boot is a realization of a specific sort of cartoonish abstraction of a shoe. In cartoon world, representation works with reduced information to immediately imply an object, rather literally depict it. The Big Red Boot works on a similar principle, where it is an absurd, simplified form that conveys the idea of “BOOT” without worrying too much about the particulars of realism.

 You never design shoes to be shaped like feet. Big Red Boots are REALLY not shaped like feet, but they are EXTREMELY shaped like boots.

MSCHF co-founder Daniel Greenberg tells Highsnobiety.

The shoe will be released on the 16th of Feb on MSCHF’s website and will retail for $350 ( R6 132,04). To get a better at the ‘Big Red Boots’ scroll below:


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