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AYLØ Makes Alté Music For Good Reasons

photography credit: Tse

Born in 1994 in Benin City, Nigeria, AYLØ is a 20-something-year old elucidated by PAM as a fast-rising rapper, singer, songwriter and beatsmith who is one of the seminal Nigerian creatives, alongside the likes of Santi, Odunsi The Engine and others who are pioneering the fusion of sounds Nigeria Africa, popularly known as alté. 

Even though he is said to be an alté, it is safe to say that AYLØ is genre-bending as he is deeply influenced by different genres which range from R&B, neo-soul, hip hop and Afropop, whilst drawing inspirations from an assorted pool including Fela Kuti, DMX, Whitney Houston, Sade, Herbie Hancock, Soulection, J. Cole, and Andre 3000.

AYLØ rose to fame following the release of the critically acclaimed 2019 body of work titled dnt’dlt. Fast forward to 2022 and he has released his third body of work titled For Good Reasons. “On For Good Reasons, AYLØ reflects on trials and triumphs with a pervading sense of casual acceptance, layering specific anecdotes about friendship, love, betrayal, and loss into his most expansive work yet”, Apple Music.

The 10-track project goes to prove the different influences from different genres and artists. “There are influences from the shuffling rhythms of blues music on “Tekkers” and the ominous hi-hats of drill music on “James Bond”, Apple Music.

This is a collection of songs about staying true at all times because everything happens for good reasons

photography credit: Tse
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