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Is Balenciaga Releasing Water Bottle Slippers?

The internet has been going crazy over viral pictures of Justin Bieber wearing the Balenciaga water bottle slippers. The shoe sparked debate on social media some people seem offended by the shoe because it looks like the inspiration came from Africans who use empty water bottles as scandals. Which looks like exploitation of big brands benefitting from the poor while they know that they can’t be sued.

This turned out to be fake news the water bottle slippers do not exist it is however a concept by the Russian designer Max Arnautov who goes by neondazer on Instagram, who came up with this idea which he found funny because of the way Balenciaga has been producing peculiar fashion items. And we have all seen the peculiar fashion items they have been making like their garbage bags, the earrings made out of laces, the destroyed Paris sneakers, etc. So the water bottle slippers are pretty fitting.

When this idea came to me, I thought: “So f*cking funny! But… I will not be surprised if Balenciaga gonna do something like that for real.”

They released earrings made of laces, destroyed Paris sneakers, a trench shitted by birds.. so this bottle slippers are fitting perfectly! Cuz it’s all about overconsumption and its fruits.

Now, are you wondering why Justin Bieber was seen wearing bottle slippers? It was an edited picture that was taken from the Balenciaga Fall 2021 campaign from GQ. He was wearing a black leather bomber jacket with black scrunched sweatpants, white tube socks with a pair of Balenciaga dad core running sneakers but neondazer edited out the sneakers replacing them with the bottle slippers. Here is a picture for comparison:


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