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BBC Africa Presents “This Is Amapiano” Documentary

BBC iPlayer has released a documentary titled “This is Amapiano”, which solely focuses on a South African music genre that has been making waves in different corners of the world and making everyone dance while at it. Quick 101, Amapiano is a perfect consolidation of multiple genres, from Jazz to House music, Afro soul, Bacardi and Kwaito.

With its speaker-rattling bass lines, melodic rhythms and syncopated breakbeats, the Amapiano quickly became a major player in South Africa’s music scene. The piano-based sound is paired with clapping snares and catchy vocals, with accompanying routines perfect for the dance floor.

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“This is Amapiano” takes us through the journeys of the reigning and pioneering DJs & artists that have been contributing to taking this original sound to different parts of the world and making it as big as it is at the moment. Tyler ICU, Mas Musiq and Felo Le Tee are three of numerous producers & DJs that have made some of the biggest Amapiano hits and in the documentary, they explain the infamous log drum.

Amapiano has generated over 4 billion views & videos on TikTok which include viral dance challenges from Johannesburg, Lagos, Harare, Accra, Miami and of course London, but the list is never-ending. This social media platform has undeniably taken a lot of Amapiano artists & their music across the borders.

Without giving away too much, I’ll conclude by saying Amapiano definitely is a lifestyle. Watch the documentary below:

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