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Blxckie Could Possibly Host A Discord Listening Session

Blxckie has proven to be the hottest act in the country delivering hit after hit with his most recent contribution coming via K.O.’s “Sete”. Prior to that, somnyama made waves earlier in the year with the release of 4LUV and 4LUV (Deluxe).

source: Instagram(@blxckie_)

The issue of how to best execute a listening session has plagued artists and music professionals for generations. Hosting an event where artists perform their new songs is a solid idea in principle, however, the reality is slightly different. What you end up with is an event where invitees take part in the festivities of the night, rather than listening to the music. Social platforms like Discord have proven to be great tools of service to other creators in music overseas, but South Africa just doesn’t have the same relationship with technology. Despite this, I do think an artist with a relatively young audience like Blxckie has the opportunity to explore a Discord listening session. No drinking; no talking over the music; just fans listening to the product. What are your thoughts on a Discord listening session? Below is the link to the Discord server.

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