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Blxckie Drops A Double Whammy Of Singles, “Papa Fetti” Featuring Emtee

Having to record over 1000 songs is no joke, and definitely needs you to have that drive of creativity to keep you going. Blxckie is no stranger to the term “hard working”, it has been proven on countless occasions since his breakout in 2022. In fact, one could say that Blxckie is synonymous to the term.


27 days into the brand new year of 2023 and Blxckie has already started his takeover once again. Exciting his fans earlier this week with the SoundCloud single drop, to announcing his Papa Fetti single, it is clear that Blxckie is just getting started this year.

Somnyama drops a double whammy of singles today packaged as Papa Fetti and enlists a feature from the South African trap artist, Emtee The Hustla on Fetti. The songs are unfortunately selfishly short but they will have you pressing that repeat button.

Check it out below;

Theo Manjo
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