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Blxckie Releases “Khuphuka” Single

Today is a big day for Blxckie, with him releasing his latest single “Khuphuka”, and the launch of his Redbat collaboration. The song’s message fits with the meteoric rise that the Durban native is experiencing right now. “Khuphuka” has a runtime of just over 3 minutes and sees Blxckie float on top of laid back, bouncy production, and the song’s anthem nature allows for you to listen to it on repeat. Listen to “Khuphuka” below.

Blxckie also shared a short video to partner with the release of his tee’s, shedding a bit of light on his upbringing. The video doesn’t give much in the way of storytelling and serves as more of a promotional video. However, his fans would undoubtedly love to hear more about his upbringing and the spaces that hold special memories to him. Watch the promotional video below.

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