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Blxckie’s 4LUV (Deluxe) Lives Up To The Billing

Deluxe offerings are a bit tricky, to say the least. I say this because I often view deluxe versions as a played-out ploy to boost streaming numbers and very rarely offer up an added listening experience to the original version. Having been let down several times by artists abroad by their deluxe versions of albums I already didn’t enjoy, I took up the stance that if it wasn’t good enough upon the original release, then it is simply disrespectful to us as listeners to add a few more throwaways and slap the lazy deluxe label on it.

However, my faith in artistry and potential cosying up to the idea of deluxe may be on the horizon thanks to one Blxckie somnyama. 4LUV sees Blxckie expand on some of the concepts he presented in this new era of his exploration into R&B. ‘of course’ leads us into the deluxe version with bold synths that set a cinematic scene for his equally bold vocals. He then enters into a familiar pocket of sound on ‘ngivelelwe’ (feat. Garde), which sees him deliver a more polished execution than what we saw on ‘Sika’ from his debut, B4NOW.

The final two tracks are, for me at least, the crowing moment for Blxckie in the sense that it feels like a culmination of the skills he developed over the last few years. ‘sneaky’ with A-Reece seems like an effortless endeavour for him before delivering an outro fitting of his feats on ‘4me’. Listen to 4LUV below.

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