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Boohle Delivers A Powerful Performance On “Mazikhale” Single

Boohle is proving to be one of the best vocalists that we have at present and whether on production that requires a bit more on the lyrical side or production that affords her the space to flex her vocal range, she will deliver on her mandate.

I do not think it should be understated how impeccable of a performance she provided on “Mazikhale”. The song carries a deep and personal message which relates to Boohle whilst still carrying an anthem quality reminiscent of hits past. I can foresee this being a memorable song that will carry us through December and into the new year. I would be doing Boohle a strong disservice if I didn’t highlight the Black Panther inspired styling for the cover art. It would be a shame if we aren’t to receive visuals for this. Listen to “Mazikhale” below and keep a lookout for her upcoming album.

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