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Broke Boys Skate Crew x The New Originals

The Broke Boys known religiously as a collective of young multifarious creatives has been evolving and expanding its capabilities and avenues within various industries which range from fashion, skating, music and events. The collective has grown a brunch from within their brand which is a skate crew, the Broke Boys Skate Crew, created by broke boys for broke boys.

If you have been following this group of many-sided young, black creatives you would know of their ardent relationship with Amsterdam based photographer, Nick Van Tiem. Through this relationship, the Broke Boys were afforded an opportunity to collaborate with The New Originals, a performance clothing brand established in Amsterdam in 2015. Before then, The New Originals emerged as a close group of friends running a blog to share and curate interest in fashion, design and music back in 2011.

Now, this clothing brand together with the Broke Boys launched the Broke Boys x The New Originals clothing collaborative collection last February in Cape Town. This collaboration is not only exciting because of the two brands that are miles apart joining forces, but also because one gets to see two subcultures perfectly consolidating.

To celebrate the collaboration we shot the collections from TNO and the BB on the Broke Boys Sk8club. A group of skaters from Khayelitsha who are literally putting bricks up from the street to make grind reels so that young kids can skate. A group that – just like the Broke Boys – do not conform to expectation but go against the grain

Nick Van Tiem
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