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Burna Boy Releases New Documentary Showcasing Nigeria’s Poverty

Burna Boy has released a is 16 minutes long documentary called ‘Whiskey’ that talks about poverty and pollution in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The heartbreaking ‘Whiskey’ documentary has natives of the village recounting their own stories, giving voice to the realities they confront, in dialogues that start and end with obstacles—mirrored by various tragedies, from a woman whose entire flock of chickens was wiped out by the flood to a young man who laments and complains about the bridge that was washed away by the flood and has slowed down businesses making them unprofitable, to the bereaved, inconsolable mother who tearfully recounts her loss when her son died due to illness and the lack of drugs.

Everything was a lot worse than the way I left it. The air was fully polluted, everything would be black when you wake up, even the cars. It’s really what you see in the documentary. This is real life, everyday life for my people. I feel like we’ll make songs about everything else, so why not make songs about what’s really going on and what’s really affecting the people in real time. That’s what the song ‘Whiskey’ is. I hope it does its job and creates the necessary awareness and some type of change comes from this. If you don’t know, now you know.

Burna Boy

While the ‘Whiskey’ video accurately captures the scope of the pervasive threat, it seems to be only the first of many to come. The images and visuals recorded in these frames are riveting, especially with the reminiscential sound of the Afrofusion pioneer’s music playing in the background.

All of the documentary’s proceeds, which were produced in collaboration with the Nigerian nonprofit Reach Every Available Communal Household (R.E.A.C.H. ), will go toward providing clean water, food, medicine, and other necessities to the Port Harcourt neighbourhood. To watch the documentary click below:


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