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Cheryl Zondi Is Ready To Give Love A Chance On “Love Imposes” EP

Following her full length 10 track debut project No Walls Allowed – South Africa singer-songwriter Cheryl is ready to take the stage with a brand new project. “I feel that I’ve grown my audience as an artist and individual outside the caricature of “Cherly the activist/survivor and I’m ready to share more of my experiences as a young woman.”

Love Imposes is an ode to true love in all forms and gone girls everywhere. Using her love experiences as inspiration, she wanted to share this love with her listeners whether they can relate or are just manifesting real love for themselves.

“There’s a lot of music out that focuses on how painful the loss of love is and how cold the streets are”, Cheryl says. “Though that is valid and true, I wanted to create something that makes people feel warm inside and want to give love another try. I believe love is the point of life and it should be our great quest because when the fear of love subsides, it really becomes a superpower”

In true Cheryl fashion, she is vulnerable and honest in each song. Love Imposes promises to be a classic and is definitely a piece of work to look out for in 2022. Listen to Love Imposes below.

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