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Cindii Masina Announces New EP Dropping Friday

“Music fell in love with me and I reciprocated with passion.”

Cindii Masina
Cindii Masina

Singer-songwriter Senzakele Masina known as Cindii Masina is a very interesting prospect within the music scene. Still bubbling to the top, Cindii Masina is a truly incredible singer who only records her songs on the Apple iPhone app, GarageBand.

“I’ve finally decided to share my bedroom projects from GarageBand, (the reason why I’m here today), songs I didn’t think of disclosing but they were just so good not to share”

Cindii Masina

One thing so admirable about Cindii Masina is that she didn’t use her lack of resources as an excuse not to make music and become an artist. While being a part-time artist, Cindii would record some of her songs in an Uber on her way to work, with GarageBand.

“Every-time I try to put my talent and passion aside to focus on my job, my passion and feelings creep up on me.”

Cindii Masina

Recently, Cindii Masina has taken to her Instagram account to announce the release of her brand new EP dropping this Friday exclusively on SoundCloud and then later distributed to the DSP’s.

“This is a random project that translates my mind and my emotions, raw and unfiltered. I hope you relate and enjoy. I hope I was able to share common feelings with people who support me...

Bed project vol:1 is my GarageBand projects, an app that has made journaling easier for me. This is my journal and my true self, no traditional writing. Just me unfiltered.”

Cindii Masina
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