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Coke Studio Brings Us a “Sjepa Remix” with Focalistic and Ch’cco

For those who might not know, Coke Studio is a television programme that was established in Pakistani and has now spread and grown into an international music franchise which features studio-recorded music performances by established and emerging artists. We have had Coke Studio Africa for several years now, and the latest episode premiered yesterday featuring South African artists Focalistic and Ch’cco.

Focalistic alongside MJ, Mellow and Sleazy released a banger titled “Sjepa” on the 7th of March and we can all agree that everything Focalistic touches turn into gold. The song was already a banger and now it is a 100x more banging with this Coke Studio remix featuring “Nkao Tempela” hitmaker Ch’cco.

Focalistic and Ch’cco are a duo made in heaven, if you haven’t watched their Coke Studio performance click play below;

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