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Cotton Fest Launch Their Creative Programme

We are extremely excited to have the privilege to assist young people achieve this huge milestone in their educational journey.

Bianca Naidoo
Majorsteez and Robot Boii

With the passing of the hip-hop icon, Riky Rick in February this year, many industry players, fans, friends and family members were left distraught. Known for being the catalyst of change and the speaker for the youth, his death has left a void.

With the Cotton Fest event having to take place in Cape Town, for the first time ever this past weekend, cotton eaters and creatives got to experience the Jozi life in a different city.

Please believe in young people. Give them as many opportunities as they need to prove themselves. At any cost.

Riky Rick

Known for going over and beyond for the youth, Riky Rick’s family and business associates are to take on what he has left behind, and look after the youth. Bianca Naidoo shared with the media that the brand Cotton Fest is more than an event and merchandise stop, it will have a creative programme for young creatives to enroll in – Created to give back to the students in the community, while creating various outlets to empower young creatives to succeed in their studies and career.

When we started Cotton Fest, the idea was not just to have a once off concert, but to do so much more for the culture as a whole, and moreover offer support within the community. Now with the additional financial injection from PUMA this year, we were finally able to make the Cotton Fest Creative Programme a reality and action this support.

Bianca Naidoo

Considering Riky himself was a former AFDA student, the team decided to further build on his legacy by creating a platform to support creative students in year one. Having kicked off recently, the programme selected three top AFDA students from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban respectively, awarding them bursaries, funded by Cotton Fest and long standing partner – PUMA, to cover the shortfall of their tuition fees, and assist them to graduate

The programme is set to run annually and welcomes the support of other corporates and financial institutions to step in and assist.

We never die. We multiply.

Theo Manjo
culture specialist. @itsmanjobruh across all platforms.

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