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Cruel Santino Is Set To Release New Album Later This Year

photographer credit: Daniel Archer

Nigerian alternative singer & songwriter, rapper, creative director, filmmaker and music video director, Osayaba Andrew Ize-Iyamu known popularly as Cruel Santino has recently announced his new upcoming album, which will be titled Subaru Boys, making it the second edition of the “Subaru World.” This third album will be a continuation of his previous sophomore album titled Subaru Boys: Final Heaven. Santino broke into the industry in 2019 when he released his debut album titled, Mandy & The Jungle.

Video games-inspired, Santino has since build a name for himself as a Nigeria’s multifaceted artist with genre-bending music that draws inspirations from Japanese anime and his alter egos. He has also performed alongside the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Doja Cat, 

This upcoming album that is only going to be released later this year will be a continuation of the “Subaru Boys” series. Subaru is defined by Santino as an ever-evolving project and it was inspired by video games and gaming music.

I’m going to make this Subaru world a universe so that when you hear it, when you enter it, you know you’re in Subaru,”

Cruel Santino
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