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“Home is the place where we surrender to our vulnerability. A space meant for people to be moulded and ultimately thrive in. It’s where humans discover their own version of comfort, solace and meaning. Home is a place where one is known. Home is also the centre point that allows us to navigate the world”

Trevor Stuurman.

Botho Project Space presents A Place Called Home which I had highlighted on Trevor Stuurman “A Place Called Home” Exhibition At Botho Project Space. The exhibition is showcasing the works of award-winning contemporary visual artist Trevor Stuurman. The much-anticipated first solo exhibition by Stuurman opened on the 20th of May and is running until the 19th of June 2022 in Johannesburg. The exhibition is open to the public at 11:00AM for only R50 at 26 Rhodes Avenue, Parktown.

“A house becomes a home as spaces are navigated, emotions are felt and personal style is expressed. The home is therefore the perfect blank canvas for life’s stories to emerge.”

Weylandts Founder Chris Weylandt

Here are some of the photographs which are part of this exhibition which is undeniable aesthetically pleasing.

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