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Daily Paper Made it to the Hypebeast100 List

Hypebeast prides itself in driving culture from different parts of the world forward, and in doing so they get to recognise and celebrate the influential creatives from across the world through Hypebeast 100. This initiative has been running for 10 years and it continues to recognise the world’s most influential creatives for 2022.

The list is made up of creatives and artists who are in a multitude of creative fields and also driving culture forward in their own right. Hypebeast describes these creatives as “a collective roster who’ve continued to inspire vast industries and communities with their seasonal collections, gallery works, numerous collaborations and meaningful contributions to social efforts.”

Daily Paper, a high-end Dutch streetwear clothing brand founded by three African creatives; Hussein Suleiman, Jefferson Osei & Abderrahmane Trabsini made it to the list and they are the only Africans on the list. Daily Paper emerged as a lifestyle blog in Amsterdam back in 2008 which then turned into a creative collective and eventually one of the biggest brands not only in Europe but globally.

Hypebeast 2022 highlights of Daily Paper are; the Ajax and Daily Paper collaboration for a new soccer kit, Daily Paper SS22 centred on self-expression and lastly the 10 years of Daily Paper.

Fuelled by a rich heritage, Daily Paper offers a way for a continued conversation to bridge cultures and communities and as a vehicle to learn about cultures outside the West while teaching the world about theirs. The cult label follows the drop-based model that primes itself for the contemporary streetwear world. The designs incorporate traditional African prints inspired by the co-founders’ heritage and have established their own cultural currency with high-profile collaborations, including with Off-White and Puma.

– Hypebeast
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