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Daliwonga Releases The “Abo Mvelo” Music Video With Mellow & Sleazy and M.J

When a song leaks on TikTok, it’s bound to become a hit, because many users use that sound on their videos and they’re often likely to trend prior the release.

Teased earlier this year on social media and at shows, Daliwonga’s Abo Mvelo single was an instant mazza and had fans/supporters requesting the artist to release it immediately! Without wasting any time, the 28 year old singer, Daliwonga delivered the highly anticipated single, Abo Mvelo with producers Mellow & Sleazy and M.J.

Just two days ago, Daliwonga released the official visual representation of the single, months after the single was dropped and it has caused confusion to some amapiano listeners, and the reason being, is that the single was released with a visual teaser and reached one million views in a couple of days.

Daliwonga teams up with the seasoned film director, Nigel Stockl to deliver this satisfying music video. Check it out below;

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