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Daniel Caesar Drops New Single Titled “Valentina”

Daniel Caesar has released a new song titled ‘Valentina’ which is another preview of his forthcoming album Never Enough which is dropping on the 7th of April. Zachary Simmonds, Caesar’s junior brother, wrote the atmospheric new song before presenting it to his sibling. Together, the duo rewrote the song, and Simmonds later took over production responsibilities alongside Dylan Wiggins, another member of the album’s creative team.

The previous songs Let Me Go’ and ‘Do You Like Me?’ of which will appear on Never Enough. In ‘Valentina,’ Caesar yearns for a stunning woman who is already taken, but he just can’t seem to stop thinking about her. Before the percussion begins and Caesar loops us in with a gloomy key change, the music begins with straightforward chords. To listen to ‘Valentina’ click below:


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