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Daniel Caesar’s “Brutus Embarks” Snippet Teases Next Musical Chapter

It’s been quite a minute since we got a substantial Daniel Caesar new music tease but a little over three days ago his website contained some teasers that pretty much, in our view, hint at his next musical chapter…

Now as we said above, if you visit the www.danielcaesar.com website you’ll first come across a cryptic/poetic letter that’s addressed to the world which Daniel uses to express how “there is so much to talk about” and that “we’re closer than you think” and closely looking at the letter’s sigil or header reveals the title “BRUTUS” which leads to our next discovery…

If you continue to click on the letter (we were allowed to only click once) you will then be redirected to an unlisted video on YouTube titled ‘Brutus Embarks’ where an unheard song can be heard playing around 3:33 am according to the video’s depicted timeline. The video then continues to display scenes that reveal something romantic and yet destructive took place within that room…

Daniel Caesar is then showcased playing chess with himself at first before it ends with his eyes gazing towards a presence that is seemingly playing chess with him… What’s interesting too is that last year a video of him playing chess with some company and singing along to an unheard song was captured on social media meaning chess is part of the new aesthetic right?

FYI, about 3 months ago Daniel dropped off a song on SoundCloud called ‘Hoarsepowerrrrr’, and in a recent exclusive interview with Billboard, Daniel continues to reinforce the coming of his new chapter by confirming that he has been working on his highly anticipated third studio album which will follow his 2019 Case Study 01 drop. The upcoming album is said to be executive produced by Dylan Wiggins (Lucky Daye, The Weeknd) and Caesar himself…

Each album, I’ve become more myself, and I’m zeroing in on what I want to say. You’ll hear more introspection, honesty and I’m playing most of the music myself

– Daniel Caesar

Read the interview here.

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