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Dave James Releases a new Single With Foggie Raw and Ari Lennox Titled “TGI Fridays”

Dave James the award-winning producer, songwriter and artist who is known for his distinctive and soulful sound has released a new song titled ‘TGI Fridays’ featuring Ari Lennox and Foggie Raw. ‘TGI Fridays’ talks about the first stages of young love “before all the scars and the damage” just as Dave James mentions in the song in a smooth, gentle tone. Foggie Raw then comes in with a fluid mumbling rap that is so different from the typical AutoTone-heavy mumble rap. Ari Lennox ends the song swiftly accompanied by Dave James before she finishes it himself.

The song also has a visualiser where we see Foggie Raw sitting next to Aril Lennox where they looked like they were flirting with each other as Foggie gifts her a couple while Dave James does the same with the girl he is sitting next to. To listen to ‘TGI Fridays’ click below:


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