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Denim Reimagined – Souvenir Geans

Streetwear and music have always gone hand in hand and Souvenir Geans is one such brand pushing the streetwear culture further through their denim garments.

At the heart of the brand is the spirit of collaboration. Their collaboration with various artists, media personalities and creatives alike has breathed new life into the local streetwear scene. Their tye-dye denim is one of their signature pieces with celebs and media personalities showing the brand love. One of the most iconic collabs is their green tye-dye 2 piece denim for Blxckie.

Their brand is easily recognisable because of their bold approach to branding their garments. Each piece features its Souvenir logo across the fly area of its bottom denim and is split between each front panel on its denim jackets.

The young brand is continually looking for ways to reimagine their product lines whilst remaining true to its bold design. The above pieces of denim are visibly different from their tye-dye denim and features a rich dark hue. Additionally, they added a stylised ‘S’ to the rear back pocket to distinguish their product.

The brand embodies the spirit of youth culture with its forward-thinking bold designs. Made for the individual that wants to stand out.

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