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DIBI And Touchline Are As Real As Ever On New Single “Critic”

DIBI, Mr “Dream It Believe It” is no stranger to the spotlight and has been around from some time now. One can mention that his inconsistency is what has left him complacent and became a barrier of him reaching stardom because the talent is undeniable.

Returning from his hiatus, DIBI releases a brand new single titled, CRITIC, which is him being reflective and having a conversation of what has been said around him. The Eastern Cape born rapper lends the talents from Tembisa’s freshest, Touchline, who contributes to the single with a verse filled with a play on words – like a typical Touchline verse.

I just got a text, she said “DIBI where’s the album? It’s been too long. Aren’t you afraid that your fans are gonna move on?”

I told her “nah baby don’t get it twister, rappers got them fake fans, mine are more realistic. Every time I drop some shit I swear I feel the difference.”

Theo Manjo
culture specialist. @itsmanjobruh across all platforms.

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