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Did Summer Walker Debut Her “Rap Career?”

Before I say anything, I would like to say the title of this article is slightly misleading, Summer Walker is still in her R&B/Soul era ladies and gentlemen. She took to social media to post a snippet of her latest music offering with a caption that said, “I’m NOT a rapper lmao, I just wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friend.” The latest offering is a song titled ‘Sense dat God gave you’ alongside her friend and fellow musical artist Sexxy Red.

‘Sense dat God gave you’ is simply a song by a pair of ghetto and very ratchet friends that love doing hood things, like twerking on top of a car at the gas station. The public seems to be having fun with this release and they seem to be enjoying the side of Summer Walker. Do you think a new Summer Walker era is about to emerge? If you haven’t listened to the song or seen the video click play below.

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