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Dinky Kunene said “Areyeng”

Dinky Kunene and Mellow & Sleazy recently partnered up to release a new Amapiano single titled “Areyeng”. From the onset, Dinky Kunene’s vocal tone perfectly suits the production and entices you gently before seemlessly transitioning into the chorus. There is a pleasant contrast in energy between Dinky Kunene’s smooth vocals and the intensity of the Mellow & Sleazy produced beat. Dinky Kunene evidently has amazing vocals but what’s more impressive is her understanding of balancing her vocal performance with her songwriting to deliver a complete single with close to zero imperfections. It would be a crime to not commend Dinky Kunene on her pen as the song actually carries substance. Dispelling the fallacies of Amapiano being a genre void of meaning. Listen to “Areyeng” below.

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